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Allstates Termite Control Company, Inc.'s Services Include:

Family owned and operated for over 50 years, our experienced pest management professionals are recognized for their timely and efficient work ethic and friendly demeanor. We have earned a reputation for dependability and have worked almost completely through customer referrals since we started operations over 50 years ago.

Trust your  home  to  professionals using  the  best  products:


Termites  put your home at risk for serious  and expensive damage that  could turn  your biggest  investment   into  your biggest  expense.  What's worse, termites   may have been quietly   eating  your house from the inside  out without

your knowledge.


Termites  live in soil and forage  for food  and water.  If they encounter  your home's foundation  while  foraging,   they'll follow  any crack, crevice  or plumbing  line  into  your  house. (They only  need an opening   1/16-inch   wide.)  


They may enter  through  wood in direct  contact  with soil  or by building pencil-sized mud tunnels  from  ground  level  to where the house's wood frame  begins.  Termites  also can enter

through  expansion  joints  in the foundation   and utility   and plumbing   openings.

Emergency Next Day Service Available


Stop  worrying By consulting a professional,   you've  taken an important first  step.  Today, effective  treatments   can eliminate   existing termite   infestations    and protect  your home against  future invasions.  Professional  termite   control  is a site-specific process that  requires:


  • experience  and training to recognize signs of termite activity


  • understanding termite   behavior, construction practices, structural  features, soil  types, water  drainage patterns and climate  to identify your home's vulnerable  spots


  • specialized   knowledge, equipment  and tools


  • products available only to licensed   termite control professionals

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